Younger longer

Your task?
To work with all the passion of your being to acquire an inner light.

~ Rumi

This week, I had a great discussion about the importance of being, staying and feeling young longer. It started with the importance of nutrition and moved into a more generous theme about people. More specific, what makes some persons enjoying each and every day while the others are permanently bored, upset or sad ?

People who enjoy any creative hobby, do sports or dance feel much more energetic and alive…their energy is flowing, they feel the satisfaction of being capable to move and create. Being dynamic brings you some tangible benefits starting with a high level of serotonine, that explains the increased levels of happiness. Remember my older post called „Life is a joyful dance” and Jose Martinez’s fantastic dance class. This is just a simple exemple.

To discover your passions, hobbies and especially the real vocation is a great priviledge. It takes silence and time to make it come to the surface. In some cases it is a question of months, it some other it take years… what really matters is to have the chance to make it happen.

I would love to provoke you to a challenge: irrespective of your current profession today, if you can make a new professional choice now, what would it be? Are you going to choose the same things as 10, 15, 20 years ago or there is something deep inside yourself that rings a bell to you?

„Give me a museum, and I’ll fill it” – this is how Picasso expressed his passion for painting and life and left a fabulous legacy to the mankind. It might be difficult to equal this talent and replicate his work, but he might inspire and you’ll start painting one day. Or maybe playing piano, or some theatre classes. You name it as you know best what your soul dictates you.

George Bernard Shaw lived 94 y.o. and left us a fabulous serie of masterpieces: plays pleasant, plays unpleasant, plays for puritans…showing us that creativity, passion and hard work are the key ingredients in his case as well.

If your current passion makes you feel thrilled and energetic, it is a clear sign that your journey just started. Keep walking on your own path and you will feel happy and alive. Aim to feel younger, longer….and your wish has great chances to come true !