2020 is when we were challenged to become fully alive. Those daily challenges made us grow, discover new inner resources, build security inside ourselves, and find the courage and clarity to face life in this time of perpetual change.

2020 represented both danger and opportunity and provoked us to deep inner changes, irrespective of age, status, education and life experience.

Who and wherever we are, each of us has something new to discover, build awareness, transform, change or improve.

Life is a permanent flow, and like water, we are meant to flow, become flexible and powerful, adapting to each and every moment while cultivating resilience inside ourselves.

To reach the high vibrations of love and joy, to flourish as individuals-couples-families means to invest our energies in that profound knowledge that allows us TO BE more, in order to DO and HAVE more. As we open up our inner space and allow its renewal, we reconfigure our external world as well.

I invite you to start a real conversation about change through:

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapies and Counselling: the modern, profound, results oriented therapy, with measurable results from the very first moment of our collaboration;
  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression Scientific Treatment, via integrated E-Therapy services that include: Clinical Evaluations, Psycho-Education and Video-Therapy;
  • Systemic Family Therapy – Couple-Child-Family, to cultivate long term healthy, harmonious relations.
  • ProductiviTEA: Corporate Wellbeing Program, Creative Leadership and Mindfulness, dedicate to corporations prepared to reach the highest development and evolution level.

Your life is a direct and unique experience, that’s worth living to the fullest.

Feel fully alive!