A golden year

The astrologists are predicting a great year for the Sagittarius. According to them health, love, money, career are excellent as the planets are aligned in the right way in 2013. Most of us are tempted to trust this false friends – the astrologists – and no matter how accurate their predictions are, we love to listen them every time we have the chance. Receiving this great news, I started to think what I can do to assist the planets in their great work for my life.

In the last couple of days, I thought how I want to be in 2013 and what is really important for me these days.

To grow: to discover new people, territories, books, ways to express myself, and exceed my limits irrespective that we speak about health, work, sports or creativity. This year, my journey continues with a more dynamic pace, with more energy and enthusiasm, as I created „the proper ground” for a fresh 2013.

To create: everytime I am in front of a white piece of paper and I start to write, I have a tremendous feeling of joy. You are he ones who can confirm how well I am doing this… what I am 100% sure is that I enjoy the journey very much and one day I will reach the destination. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to combine the imagination& joy with planning&discipline and fill in some white pieces of paper with several inspirational and unique stories.

To share: irrespective that we speak about positive thoughts, feelings or knowledge, I feel fantastic to share them with high value people and influence their lives. BTW, the more things you share, the better you feel and miracles happen in your lives.

To foster growth: it comes a time in our lives when we feel honoured and proud to support younger people, inspire and learn them to fly. This includes „sharing”, but is much more than this. It is about caring, dedicating time, being honest with them and support them to become independent, responsible and passionate about their lives. I experienced this great feeling in 2012 and… I want more 🙂

At the beginning of a great year, I wish you positive thoughts, love, joy, energy, balance and determination to become a better YOU ! Once YOU change, your whole world becomes better !