Mirorr of the soul

The one who has a good friend doesn’t need any mirror – ~ Rumi

In one of my previous posts called The Kingdom of JOY, I shared with you my strong connection with the poet, prophet, philosopher and visionary borned 800 years ago in the fabulous place called Konya, in Turkey.

The more I read his lines, the more actual I perceive him. His thoughts are reaching and connecting us, irrespective of nationality, religion, gender. He used to speak the language of the hearts, thus touching deeply our souls these days.

In coaching and personal development books we speak frequently about the concept called „The Mirror”.  In the last couple of years, we heard frequently about the Law of attraction – like attracts like. In fact, we attract in our lives people who resemble us in terms of feelings, core values, beliefs, passions, hobbies, lifestyle, goals. What we like about ourselves makes us like them, unconditionally. Our friends mirror us, make us see as we actually are. Our hearts and souls are mirrored in this very simple way.

Conversely, people we don’t eventually like are those supposed to learn us a different lesson. They learn us to accept and eventually love those parts of us that are not 100% great.

As light and darkness make us a whole, people whom we met reflects some parts and traits of our soul. Resonate with your friends and understand deeply what stand behind the behaviours and attitudes of those you don’t like yet.

In „Kingdom of Joy”, I presented a multinational, multicultural diverse group of people. Each of the persons met in Turkey, in May 2011 reflected some parts of me, at that very moment. Coincidence or another personal growth lesson ?!

In our childhood we all wanted the answer to the question „Mirror, mirror who is the most beautiful person in the world?” to be always a positive one. Once you decide to see, understand and accept the answers, whatsoever, you will certainly love your own reflection in your friends’ eyes!