Thank you

Be grateful for your life,every detail of it,
and your face will come to shine like a sun,
and everyone who sees it will
be made glad and peaceful.

~ Rumi

Every day we strive to achieve something – conclude a contract, loose some weight, write a novel, create a business, learn something new, admire nature…

Irrespective how great is the moment, we strongly believe that achieving more money, more material rewards, more recognition from the society will make us a better person. Very few people take the time to look deep inside and reflect upon themselves.  Very few live in the now with each and every cell, enjoying the present, that unique and irreversible today.

During coaching sessions, I frequently ask the people whom I met about the positive aspects of their life. For most of them this simple exercise proves a 1st time experience. Taking time to reflect upon ourselves is a priviledge and an opportunity to discover new facets of an unpolished diamond. Knowing who you are, makes you aware about the great things already present in your life.

Once you become grateful for what you actually are and have, you realize that many important things are already in your life and start to say „thank you” more frequent than before.

Simply by practicing these simple words „Thank you”, you start feeling better, proving that the relation between words and you biochemistry really works. Concentrating on the positive aspects of life and being grateful, works exponentially better that focusing on limits and lack of things. Being content and satisfied with own life brings more peace, positive energy and abundance.

Start your day with an affirmation that includes „thank you” and enjoy the moment.

“I’ve found that if you love life, life will love you back.”

– Arthur Rubinstein