The photo album – a story about people, ambition and trust

„10 pharmacists lost 60 kilograms in one month” – that’s quite a piece of news nowadays, when everybody spends time and energy in search of perfection. Media created the benchmarks, and we women are really into it. Lately, some men joined the club, but still the ratio is mainly in favor of women.

It all started as a Credibility Project for a weight loss product named XL-S Medical, innovative, sophisticated, premium priced, with clinical studies and a successful record of successes on several European markets. The question came natural into my mind : „what kind of evidences do I need, as an influencer and as a consumer, to try a new brand ?”.  The answer is simple: a brand that delivered results, in the local market, following a well designed lifestyle and plan.

20 pharmacists started. 10 of them finished after one month. It takes a lot of inner motivation to follow a diet, exercise at least 3 times per week and use the weight loss product. The 10 winners lost 60 kilos. No 1 lost 9.2 kilos and continue the recently adopted lifestyle. She is aware that this is her path. She feels full of trust, confidence and shares her story to patients, journalists, colleagues and friends. From the very first moment, she intended to be the winner, she acted as such and she validated her initial intention. The rewards are countless: health, admiration, respect, self-confidence !

We keep our memories in photo albums. We enjoy the photos that present us young, fit, slim, with a large smile on our faces. In fact, it is a matter of intention and willingness to succeed. In my particular case, I want to keep myself fit, full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration for the next 50 years.

If it’s got to be, then it’s up to me !