Japanese girls and Louis Vuitton bags

As a marketer, I am fascinated by Louis Vuitton brand. Fortunately, such an item has never been on my shopping list. I love travels, books, sports and opera, more than bags 🙂

As a brand, Louis Vuitton is about strong personality, quality, heritage. For some people, is the way to get value from external world and feel important.

While on holiday in Paris, 2 years ago I was fascinated by the young Japanese girls queing up in front of LV shop, located on Champs Elysee.

I wondered what’s the reason behind? More than a year later, while reading Martin Lindstrom’s „Brandwashed”, I’ve got the point.

In Asia „you are what you wear” !  Asian society is a collectivist one. Belonging to a strong group, and the ability to fit are strong drivers for Asians.

78% of Japanese women dream getting married in Paris. The so called Frenchness: shops with Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, salesmen with French accent, Moet&Chandon champaign, French look – all these details are relevant for the Asian girls and make them act and spend.

Brands like Louis Vuitton benefit of the strong willingness of the consumers to benefit of respect, acceptance, self-confidence. Strong emotions equals strong share of wallet. Or let’s call it „investment in image” , what do you think ?!

A bientot !