Discover the world, discover yourself

„It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” ~ Albert Einstein

Passion for art history, multiple intelligences, coaching, people represent some of my domains of interest, in the last years. Attraction to art history and Renaissance „in synch” feeling, made me research more via journeys and readings. The way Da Vinci and Michelangelo approached life, worth an in-depth study.

In this respect, let’s call the trip to Valee de la Loire, in August 2008 a milestone. One of that days, I visited the place where Da Vinci spent the last years of his life. The place is called Clos Luce – a palace rather sober, with a charming park where IBM experts replicated his inventions.You fell the magic and the connection to the spirit and greatness of this UOMO UNIVERSALE.

Life in Renaissance time was characterized by an effervescence of creative act. Art and science, right and left parts of the brain in synergy. Hopefully, we will have the chance to live such a period nowadays. The characteristics of the Renaissance men are very actual and similar people live among us in the present. What do they have in common? An innate curiosity, desire to experience, strong relation body-mind, expertise both in science and art, use of all the five senses.

As a curious person, you approach life as a continuous searching and learning process or as Da Vinci used to say „the desire to know is natural for the good people”. Questions that „engage the thinking” every day reflects the scope of our life and influence its quality.

Developping and using the curiosity is easier than you think. Let’s get specific and get started. Take some time and find the answers to the questions.

Do you have already a journal where you write down your thoughts and questions? How much time do you dedicate to contemplation and meditation? When did you learn something new? Are you looking for different perspectives to your current problems? How much do you know about other cultures? Do you currently learn a foreign language? How much time do you spend reading? Any hobbies?

Curiosity is an essential part of the creative problem solving process, learning process, important both in your life and work, each and every moment.

Just curious to know your answers !