Near and far

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”

– Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

I am an authentic  Sagittarius for whom travelling is as natural as breathing. Each and every moment, I am ready to take off to a new destination anywhere in the world. Each city and country visited in the last 20 years meant for me a new way to celebrate life via a mix of adventure, misterry and self-development.

Every place in the world attracts me like a magnet and every journey represent a new window towards people, history, wisdom and reflection. It’s not a coincidence the fact that my credit card has a key visual an window open towards the world – somewhere in my subconscious mind I consider travels as an investment with an unlimited ROI (return on investment). Hope for many such investments in the years to come…

In 2013, I realized that the pleasure to travel is connected to the joy inside the heart, irrespective of the countries, distances and continents. In April I activated one of my biggest dreams, „slowly cooked” in the last 2 years: to discover Asia and see my dearest friends.

In August, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to travel far away to see beauty, as beauty is available very close to me.  I have chosen some amazing destinations in Romania: Prislop, Archia Mansion, Sighisoara and charged my batteries, while feeling closer to my roots.

There is beauty, novelty and greatness – near and far. It all depends on the beauty, peace of mind and serenity inside you. The world outside it’s just a simple reflection of your inner world. Just be aware and keep track on it!

At the beginning of 2013, the intention to travel to Asia was stronger than anything else. I knew that Singapore is one of the destinations, as I wanted to meet again my dearest friends Kathleen and Chris, met 2 years ago in Turkey –  when I was discovering together with a fantastic group of people some authentic beauties such as Konya – Rumi’s world The Kingdom of Joy, Capadochia, Efes and Asclepios. I knew that Singapore is the main destination but had no idea about the rest. Choices came one by one, in the most natural way.

On March 20th everything was clear: on April 5th I will embark for Singapore with transit in Paris, for the most unpredictable, magic, authentic days of my life till now. I wanted to find that “je ne sais quoi” not available in my current environment, and really found it in places like Singapore, Bali, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Long trips need long preparation. As far as I am concerned, I was prepared mentally, emotionally, spiritually for this journey – a natural behaviour and attitude for a life coach. Besides, I purchased the most performant yet simple camera (Nikon J1, red of course) to capture the visual part of my trip, and bring with me as much as possible from the fabulous world I was about to discover.

My memories about Asia are about great people, authenticity, the real lessons of kindness, generosity, connection with nature. I found places full of meaning, tasty food, discovered the Balinese music, natural beauty and most important – people with beautiful souls. It was a journey in a remote place and I journey in my interior world…Internal and external, in and out, near and far…

To be continued…