The fancy car and the bicycle

While on holiday on the hills of Sighisoara, I took some time for reflection. Vacation and nature created the right setting and inspired me to take time, breath and get some inspiration and fresh ideas.

The „wheel of life” – that simple instrument I am using in life coaching for a 360 life assessment suddenly came to my mind. After a close look on different „slices of my current life” : health, money, love, career, family, friends, personal growth, I decided to play a bit with my imagination. I told you that the natural environment supports these kind of exercises !

I imagined a dialogue between 2 wheels,  representing 2 different lifestyles, still 2 kind of lives full of style: the wheel of an Porsche and the wheel of Brompton. One is a high class, audacious car, the other one an elegant bike – both of them fancy brands, aspirational, urban and contemporary… Oops, I spoke again like a marketer… what to do, it’s already in my DNA.

Anyway, in the driver seat of a Porsche, you feel great, have some status, importance and title… business title. In some cases, it comes with „the package” and gives you the feeling that you are on the top of the world, briefly „you made it”. Day by day, words like speed, productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, target populate your usual vocabulary. You learn to drive fast and „life as a competition” is your mantra. Your mindset indicates you that being speedy equals being great, competitive, number 1. Life becomes a permanent competition with others, and you permanently need external validations.

One day, you are invited to a coffee in a patio, in a place full of light, flowers and guys who look totally different. In front of the place there is a big bunch of bikes. The guys around you seem to emanate a different type of energy. Besides, they look relaxed and creative. Creativity mixes perfectly with serenity and in the very first moment you don’t get it…. They are just some relaxed guys in a patio, who came there by bicycle.

Riding a bike gives you the chance to admire the landscape, notice all the details, you don’t seem to rush anywhere and enjoy the moment. The extra bonus is that you get fit, with no effort…things move smoothly and you live in the moment.

„There is more to life than simply increasing its speed” – M. Gandhi.

From time to time, it’s so rewarding to experience „lack of speed”, slow down the pace, breath, meditate, let go the past and create new things.

Life is beautiful with competitions full of adrenaline, and with joyful trips on the bike, in the nature, when you feel 100% aware about the beauty of a flower, smell the grass, notice the horses express fully their freedom, hear the sound of birds and taste the fresh water from the river. In a nutshell, it worth observing life…it’s beautiful and irreversible.

Personally, I love both the speedy and relaxing journeys as a reflection of the mix of energy and zen that builds my inner world, nowadays. Both ways are great, especially when you alternate them from time to time and find the right dosage every time !

Slow and fast, relaxation and energy, zen and speedy – that’s the right combination, trust me !