Burn the bridges behind

It comes a moment in life when change is a must, otherwise negative thoughts, fear and lack of solutions are dominating your world. It happens to many people. It happened to me, too. After, using extensively my mind, I decided to take a different kind of action. I stepped forward and backward several times and after several more than 1400 days, the self-knowledge, self-development process is becoming fruitful. Yes, it took me around 1400 days to become an internal driven person, to accept that being 100% myself is very important to me, to start living according to my own values, take full responsibility for my life and prepare the ground for a better life.

As a life coach, I learnt that transformation means changing my limiting beliefs, building the self-confidence, looking for my passions, exploring my values, experiencing situations „out of comfort zone” – all these took time, mainly because I was tempted to come back to the familiar, safest mode of life. It’s natural, human …

A transformational process involves time, exploration, willingness to put in practice new habits, explore new life situations…. in a nutshell, it’s about stepping into the new YOU, thought by thought, cell by cell.

One of my most recent revelations is that I finally burnt all the bridges behind myself and since this very moment I plan to do just the steps forward.

The biggest reward, that every cell truly feels it are the great relations I developed lately, based on sincere admiration and respect. I the last months, I met people who understand the wonderful meaning of the verb „co-creating”, whom we mutually inspire and create projects meant to inspire others.

I love the phrase „the light in me honours the light in you” – it’s a meaningful exercise about mirroring, about seeing beauty in others once you feel well with yourself. Briefly, that’s the significance of the word „Namaste” – the traditional salute in India in Nepal.

Namaste to all the great people, who create beauty, greatness and positive emotions !