Time to move on, full on

„Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman

Today, we celebrate 115 since the birth of Amelia Earhart. Most of us know her story from the great movie with Hillary Swank and Richard Gere. In case you haven’t seen it yet, it worth taking a break and watch it. It’s inspiring and it’s based on reality!

She used to be quite a role model, demonstrating vision, determination and courage. Such persons are rare. Therefore, modelling her is not quite at ease for many of us. She came on earth to demonstrate that learning to take flight and flying high is possible irrespective of what society beliefs and her gender. She had the burning desire to do it and actually did it. 100% full on, 100% committed, 100% responsible.

We all had a dream list at a certain moment of our life. Hopefully, we still have dreams and goals to follow, and just postponed them for a while.  We look for excuses, we feel great about the present. But doing what you aim for becomes critical, one day. It happens for me as well…

Today, I decided to start my „summer courage challenge”. Personally, I decided to stand up and make some daring plans aimed to make me feel better than before.

Currently there are 3 things on my agenda, that need my whole focus and energy:

1. Physical training: I go to the gym quite often, still I want to stretch my limits and see how far I can go. For the beginning, let’s say I will go running in the park 4 times per week, at least one hour. For relaxation – some yoga or pilates does the trick. Connecting with the nature is the positive side effect 🙂

2. Creative writing : I wish I will become more organized, write more posts for this blog, and start to write a real book. The topic is already in my mind… day and night. My coach voice is telling me that I have to sanctify some writing time to make things happen. How about 3 times per week, minimum 2 hours of writing, as of this week ? Once the number of posts will increase, you will notice the difference. About the rest, I will certainly keep you posted…

3. Complete „the incomplete” : this refers to projects, old stuff that I am still postponing. It already started to annoy me and make me feel like caring a heavy bag on my shoulder. To be very specific, it’s about an exam that I decided to take 2 weeks for now. Having a clear goal, with an already set deadline, I started to plan things carefully to ensure that everything is on the right track.

Your list might include any other kind of dreams, goals and projects: public speaking, painting, singing, becoming an actor, going to sports competition, starting to cook in the French style. YOU name it, as YOU know it. Whatever makes you happy, deserves your time, energy and full commitment. Once you feel happy and alive, you get the great sensation of the word BE !

More people alive means more fun !