Houses and homes

Our homes represent the reflection of who we are. A very crowded space, with plenty of old stuff, eventually inherited from relatives with a negative energy, stimulates less the inspiration, creativity and a positive state of mind. The explanation is a very simple one : at subconscious level you experience a blockage, which stops your manifestation at optimal parameters.

We are what we think, eat and the way we express ourselves. In a silent way, our homes tell the story of our emotional life.

In the personal development projects I passed thru in the last year, „cleaning the clutter” represented a significant phase. Cleaning the clutter means cleaning the space of the useless things that keep us freezed in the past. We all have bills and invoices in the drawers, old clothes in the closet, old magazines in a corner of the living room. Do we really need them, indeed ?

Once we eliberate the space by giving up the useless stuff, we create more space in our homes and make possible new situations and relations in our life.

The energetic flow between giving and receiving confirms once more that the energy in Universe is quite dynamic. Everytime I want to make possible new beginnings, I clean the clutter and create the space for manifestation.

In 2010, I passed thru a period full of effervescence in all areas of my life: professional, creativity, personal and spiritual development, love. The wellbeing, happiness and serenity in my heart made me re-consider the whole landscape of my life. At that moment, my home became a studio where zen and creativity co-exist and flourish in peace. The big armchair made in Thailand, the stamp created in Tibet and the serene atmophere send me a message of joy, every day. Hopefully, the space will stimulate me enough from creative standpoint and some great stories will be ready one day. As to the decoration of my home, I did my duty 🙂

Recently, I started to feel the energy of the places I visit and to use my intuition as to the people’s energies. Thus, I know exactly where I want to be and which places and people I should avoid to preserve my positive state.

When you decide to decorate your home and buy souvenirs from the places you travel have in mind that objects are meant to convey a state of joy. Keep in mind that „less is more”, and don’t exagerate.

In the last years, I started to appreciate the Asian style, a mix of harmony and balance. Our internal world resonates perfectly with the space we live in. How zen is your home,  in this very moment ?