The gold lady

One of the greatest personalities borne in my country is Nadia Comaneci. Every time I see her, I feel with all my senses a kind of admiration that I rarely experience. Her hard work, dedication and uniqueness in the history of sports is unquestionable. During the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, she reached the impossible dream. A 10 was something that no jury considered as a possibility till that moment. Therefore, the computer showed 1.00 instead of 10.00. Technically, it was been solved after minutes. The moment is still fresh in my mind and meaningful after decades.

Her performance is memorable for my generation and lasts since more than 30 years. She found her way of expression in sports and acted as a real ambassador of Romania. A real proof that values are as global as the world we live in.

Today, the Olympic Games in London will get started. As many of you, I am thrilled to see the opening which looks quite impressive, from what I saw this morning. Yesterday, Nadia had a press conference in London and she mentioned the introduction of the grade 10 for gymnasts.

She is the living proof that values last irrespective of environment and time. It’s great to find out sooner rather than later what is your unique, authentic talent and bring it to the world. She did her job big time. It is fantastic to know what’s our purpose and do what we have to do.

The message on her T-shirt summarize her essence as a strong personality : I’ m gold ! Be blessed Nadia, you for your talent, authenticity and strength.