We come on Earth with a well-defined scope, and life offers us multiple situations that give us the chance to finally learn our lessons.

In the last couple of years I spent time on my own self-development. It came the time to know myself better. Obviously, after repeating several times the same patterns, both in personal and professional lives, I had to figure out the answer to these questions: what is my life lesson, what I should finally learn about me to feel great about my life?

After months, weeks, days, minutes of awareness, reflection and self-coaching, I finally understood that my lesson is about TRUST, SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-LOVE, LOVING, CARING others. Once I came to these conclusions, I move on the right track, with small and firm steps.

Like a painter who figures out the final result, I put some color and contributed to the final work, on daily basis. Day after day, for many months, years.

The last year, I focused on the self-esteem theme. Working day by day with myself, I realized how far I can jump. In my case, the sky could be the limit !So Every day, I look for mountains to climb, run, dance and move…

Usually, the lesson we have to learn is the lesson we share with others. It is clear, that more people with higher levels of self-esteem will make a difference in the society. They will think big, dream big, and act accordingly. They will be happy with themselves and make others feel the same way. In fact, happiness is our goal, no matter where we live, how old we are, isn’t it ?

That’s a story to be continued… with your permission, of course!

Hasta pronto !