Just a day in Paradise


I truly enjoyed the holiday in Nice, last year. I’ve been there at the end of August with the clear intention to live with all senses the 8-day holiday. Before leaving Bucharest, I played a bit with the words as the name of the French town means “nice”; I wrote to my Facebook friends that I’ll go in a “Nice place”.


It was my second time in Nice, this time no renovation and refurbishing; therefore I had the chance to see a brand new face of this wonderful place on earth. Nice had a totally different look. Masenna Square was splendid indeed, with amazing, lighted fountains, shinny happy people, kids and dogs.


You probably found out a lot about French Riviera and places like Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo are familiar for many of you. Therefore, I chose to share with you the great impression made by one of the most specials places ever visited, discovered somehow, fortunately by accident. As everything happen with a reason, maybe it was not just pure coincidence.


The name of this fantastic place is Villa Rotschield, a Renaissance style palace, belonging to Mrs. Ephrussi of Rotschield, one of the rich bankers inheritants.


Located mid way between Nice and Monaco, the place is the materialization of the term “Paradise”. The palace built at the beginning of the 20th century reflects the vision of the owner and her attraction towards fine taste, passion for travel, adventure and beauty.


Visiting the palace is a real thrill and it is difficult to say what attacted me more: furniture, decoration, Meissen and Sevres porcelains or the rooms decorated in Asian style reflecting her passion for Eastern civilization.


I took the time to admire the Palazzo and felt the breeze in the diverse and special gardens, listening splendid well-known opera arias, amazed by beauty and abundance. One simple thing was missing to make the experience complete. The lunch taken on the terrace with a view to the see completed that unique experience, at the end of August. The healthy and nourishing Fragonard salad and the white wine glass made that moment quite perfect. One day at Villa Ephrussi Rotschield equals one day in paradise, in case you intend to practice “the power of now”. It’s that kind of experience that I want to repeat it someday. In case you include French Riviera on your holiday list, don’t miss this fabulous experience !