Learn to take flight

In the last months I gathered various stories about people, journeys, experienced plenty of life situations, understood how important are the thoughts and emotions and especially how can I create a better version of MYSELF.

I have no intention to teach you some life lessons, as I am not entitled to do it. My strong desire is just to share my stories with you, thrilled that I have the privilege to find such a way to meet you. Since the title of my book is “Learn how to take flight”, I will start by telling you the story of those who invented the first planes, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Having all the ingredients necessary for a success story, Samuel Pierpont Langley had the strong intention to become the first man who piloted an airplane, at the beginning of 1900. He worked as a math professor at Harvard, had important friends such as Andrew Carnegie and Alexander Graham Bell, got a 50,000 dollars grant as an investment for his project, had the friends and press support. The whole world expected him to finalize the project successfully.

A few miles away, Wilbur and Orville Wright worked passionately at their flying machines. Their passion was so intense that entailed the enthusiasm and engagement of a large group of people from Dayton, Ohio. No grants, governmental funds, high level connections, high standards teams with academic degrees. On December 17th, 1903 a small group of people assisted at their first flight demonstration, for the first time in the history. How was it possible? Was it just pure luck?

It was more than intelligence, motivation and hard work to succeed. Inspiration doubled by a well articulated motivation was the magic ingredients that Wright brothers shared with those around them.

How many people dare to dream? How many of us understand the real meaning of the word “inspiration”? Do we have the courage to be like the pilots and see things in perspective? What do we think about people who approach life in such a way? We admire them or just label them as “a bit crazy”. Definitely, they are different from most of us, have a different attitude towards life, accept the risk and see the opportunities. They have “the helicopter view” and certainly exceeded their limits and fears long time ago.

How often do you notice the beauty of a butterfly? We all love his beauty. The birth of a butterfly is a complex process. It takes a complete metamorphosis, from the stage of egg, through caterpillar, chrysalis and to the butterfly that impress us by its beauty.

From this perspective, I reconsider the mental connections related to the word “flight”. I put into practice many concepts and learnings, and as a butterfly I passed through significant inner transformations, manifested in a visible way in the external world.

In most concrete way, I experienced frequently the pleasure to fly and see the worlds at thousands kilometers height, traveling a lot, meeting people and living unusual experiences.

Being in a “flying mode” means undertaking the risks and opportunities of my live, exceeding the fears, seeing the big picture, looking every day for new opportunities, solutions, ideas and accepting myself and accepting others without judging them.

In invite you in a journey that includes short stories, created to relax you, make you live the power of now and stimulate you to imagine the future in a vivid and colorful way. The time of books which sells recipes about how to be and to become in x steps has passed. Each of us deserves to be him/herself, reach the full potential and choose how the future looks like.

In the last 12 years I read an impressive number of personal development books, I passed through human transformation, leadership and coaching programs. Therefore, I decided to create an “user friendly” alternative for the week-ends, Xmas or New Year days. Take a tasty chocolate cake and a flavored tea and enjoy reading these stories meant to give you a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. A friend of mine told me once that I write “in the butterfly style”, meaning that even the letters experience the magic that I intend to propose you. I liked her point of view and thought it worth mentioning.

I am passionate on writing about people, all-sense journeys and things that worth sharing. Sometimes, I use my imagination, this wonderful gift that each of us has it more or less dormant. In other situations, the life stories are so powerful that my role is just to put them on the paper. I truly enjoying the role of the storyteller, especially in those days when inspiration, focus and energy make possible a few great pages !