The taste of happiness

„Happiness is a state of mind”

Once we have the strong intention to be happy, mind, emotions and actions get aligned. Happiness is something you build inside and reflect in the external world by attitude, behaviour, actions.

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is in search of happiness, in a certain moment of life. Sometimes happiness comes in different shapes…How about the shape of a fruit, tinny, dark red, tasty, with a weird name : Goji.

„Goji” means „happy”; in fact, according to some experts, it’s a fruit with marvelous properties and benefits, acts as liver protector, increase immunity, heals back pains, auto-immuns problems. Sounds incredible, isn’t it ?

These days, there are 9 categories of products, including teas, cereals, bonbons, food supplements and a strong business created around goji berry amounting to 300 million USD.

How is this success possible ? What stands behind?

The goji fiels are located mainly in countries such as China, Malaysia, close to Himalaya, well connected to Budhism and Dalai Lama. The mental associations to this part of the world are : purity, simplicity, wisdom, compassion,  illumination.

We all want to have such qualities. Therefore, we are ready to pay a premium price for health, happiness, hope, clarity, and luck !