Ready 2 perform

Performance is the common denominator of those people in a continuous process of self-improvement, ready to exceed their limits, feeling and behaving limitless in all aspects of their lives.

The passion for coaching, personal development and fitness revealed and validated me a simple yet effective truth: performance happen when mental, emotional and physical bodies are in perfect harmony.

Let’s figure out a simple exercise. You get an invitation to an 8-hour fitness challenge. For most of you, it might sound unusual. Certainly, your inner dialogue starts and you already look for excuses. Or maybe not… in case you haven’t accepted my invitation yet, you still have time to change your mind. There are a few elements from personal development literature that worth having in mind.

Power of intention : the clear intention to initiate something starts in our minds. Normally, the intention is doubled by a strong enthusiasm followed by action. Whenever, intention and determination are at highest levels, we certainly find the method to put things in motion and move in the direction of our goals. In a nutshell, whenever you intend to start a brand new project, you have to invest trust and believe in your goal, to enhance your chances to make it happen.

Get out of the comfort zone : once you set an ambitious target, you put in motion unused resources and become aware of new abilities and capacities. Every week you become able to run a few metres more, at higher speed, with more energy, develop your kinesthetic intelligence through new fitness formats, become stronger when you exercise with weights during power pump classes, stretch your limits at yoga. Within the comfort zone, things are predictible; out of the comfort zone a new you, more performant, powerful and radiant is coming alive. Every moment of your life become a real magic one. Before writing this post I passed through an one-hour running on the treadmill, 7 kilometres training. The great feeling make the efforts worth !

Visualization: inhale and exhale and imagine that you are already there. You reached your goal and enjoy the achievement. What do you see, hear, feel? How does your inner dialogue sound like? What’s your current motivation level to make the 1st step? How about the 2nd one?

How would you feel now if everything you aim for is possible?

Haruki Murakami, an inspired writer and a long term marathon runner is my source of motivation in this respect. Visualization and consistent training sessions made possible his success at several marathons and one ultra-marathon (110 kms).  One can draw a conclusion between his performance as a runner and as a writer. Planning, organizing, and focus – this is what you need to make things happen.

Intention, planning, consistent action, inner motivation, positive internal dialogue, focus and energy – all these puzzle pieces make the result possible, in each and every aspect of our lives !