Joy, optimism and new beginnings

Yesterday I saw „Marigold Hotel” – a movie about the possibility of making changes in life anytime, anywhere. As I am a person prone to change I immediately enjoyed the story.

A group of retired British people decides to spend the last part of their lives in Jaipur, India. First they discover a brand new world. Some of them adapt quite fast, the others never accept the cultural differences. It all depends on their inner world, their openess, their permeability to new.

I noticed 3 main ideas from self-development and coaching books, reflected in the script – which in fact made me thrilled:

1. Mirroring – what we love about ourselves, we accept and love in the external world. If there is beauty inside, there is also beauty in the world. You just need to be open to receive it!

2. Limits – the only limits in life are our limiting beliefs. Whatever we believe it’s possible, finally it will happen.

3. Change – any kind of change it’s possible anytime in our life, it’s never to late to start something new, to bJourneys in our lifeecome better than you are, to celebrate life.

I strongly recommend you this lesson of life called „Marigold Hotel” movie – an infusion of positive thoughts, colors and joy in the contemporary Jaipur ! It’s a story about Journeys in our life.

PS: „At the end, everything should be OK. If it’s not OK it means it’s not the end”.