3 times out of the comfort zone

In life we all look for comfort, stability and situations we feel familiar with. It’s in human nature to feel and act in this way. However, when we refer to work, too much comfort might bring some routine and too much routine doesn’t sound so good, right?

What a great feeling to see the best in class opera singers, actors and sport performers at the Olympics?

For me they are the reason for limitless admiration, respect and appreciation.They achieved mastery because of talent, passion and extremely hard work.No shortcuts…

I truly believe that the road to success is paved with tremendous, passionate, vocational work. Every cell of your body participates to the whole process and the result is just amazing.

Once you decide to make a change in your life, you should be prepared to take new actions, make new steps and jump higher than before. It’s about getting out of the comfort zone, accept new, challenging situations in life.

In 2013, I decided „to walk the talk” and see where the road goes. 3 examples speak for themselves:

1) started to work with a personal trainer in 1-2-1 classes – streching my physical limits

2) went 4 times to TV live shows – an exercise of preparation, attention to detail and focus

3) participated to a 6-km running event in a park, with no previous training in the park, just in the gym and a great mental setting

More examples to come in the next months, I promiss…

How do I feel? More powerful, stronger, self-confident, limitless…a  better version of me!

In the next months, I challenge you to look for something new in your life and explore at least one new challenge. That’s the only way to become more self-confident, trustful and enjoy your life. Quite rewarding isn’t it ?!