Simple, strong and sophisticated

„Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Whenver I am asked about my favourite quote, I always mention the one of da Vinci, whose thinking and work represent a real inspiration for me in the last 5 years (see „Discover the world, discover yourself„)

Keeping things simple, looking for simple things in life, expressing in a simple language, creating simple pieces of design – all these things are much more poweful, clear and effective than you can imagine.

As far as I am concerned, I consider myself a simple person, adapting easily to situations and people around me, speaking up, expressing my thoughts and feelings, with the „this is it” expression.

In fact, in the last decade I realized that by making things simple in life, life becomes easier, good things come easier, great relations happen with zero effort. And the easier it is, a brand new world open in front of me. As Sergey Brin, Google co-founder used to say: „Success will come from simplicity”. While writing this post, I realized I am coming closer to a form a success, without even realize it 🙂

I love simple things in life: nature, books, blue sky, music, writing, the lime ice cream, little black dress, white pearls, the sea, children, dogs, fresh lemonade with mint, flowers, dancing, balinese coffee and the list can continue in the same way. Certainly a brand like Louis Vuitton won’t be part of this list…

Irrespective of situation – personal or business, the simple approach is the most powerful, effective, meaningfull and impactful. Simplicity equals clarity, timeless beauty, success and… the ultimate sophistication!