Turkish Delights

In the last couple of years, I discovered that Turkey is the place where I feel at home.  I don’t have any rational explanations for this fact, just the sensation and feeling connected with the history, traditions, authenticity of the place. In fact, it all started in April 2011, while I discovered a piece of Turkey in Pamuk’s novel „Museum of innocence”. Then my adventure in Rumi’s world (see post „Kingdom of Joy”) made me resonate totally with this place, totally unique in the world.

In November 2012, I discovered Elif Shafak,whom I consider one of the fabulous writers of our times. One of her novels was presented in a woman magazine; another one was on the bookshelf in the airport…trying to convince me to buy it in that very moment. It didn’t happen in that morning…

The next day, in a relaxed discussion with some people while mentioning my passion for Rumi and his world, her name came out naturally, mentioned by one of her fans.

The next day, 3 of her books were in my hands. I started with „The 40 rules of love” and the surprise was huge. She made me re-connect with the magic world of Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, know their stories, feelings and heart energies. My memories related to Konya – Rumi’s place – got alive as the story fascinated me from the beginning till the end.

The 2nd one  – „The bastard of Istanbul”, a 5-sense story with an surprising ending and a attractive tone of voice, made me spend a whole Saturday morning of November 2012 enjoying every single line.

„Black milk” got me in Elif’s shoes and made me understand her worries and dilemma between being a writer or a mother. She looked into the literature history and mentioned some relevant examples, such as Sylvia Plath or Zelda Fitzgerald and her complicated lives. Finally, after her deep soul searching exercise, life gave her the answer. She is a fantastic writer and mother of a girl and a boy.

3 stories that captured my attention, made me discover myself through her books and rewarded me for investing my time…A chance to resonate with one of the greatest contemporary writers and to feel the delights of Turkey !