Silver shoes and a bright mind

When I was 5 years old, my mom brought herself a pair of silver sandals, more or less like the ones in the photo. Nothing special you might say. Well, under a communist regime, with not too many options in terms of what to wear, how to dress and what kind of shoes to buy, this was something. She bought them from a very special shop called SHOP. In the late 70’s a SHOP was more or less a kind of wonderland. You needed dollars instead of Romanian currency to make special investments such as: a pair of jeans, a tape recorder, some sweets or cigarettes. But this is history…

Anyway, my mom made her choice : a pair of silver sandals with violet stones. I loved that sandals from the very beginning and I wished I could wear them in that very moment. Wishful thinking, as the size and the age were quite…inappropriate. Of course, I was making plans that after several years, she will share them with me. Obviously they’ve got broken one day and „the dream” was gone.

Time passed. My passion for shoes flourished year after year, something normal for most of the women on the planet. In general, I love shoes, books, DVDs, perfumes and flight tickets to exotic places. As to the bags, I leave the Japanese girls to spend their budgets in them.

After more than three decades, I had to go to a wedding. That’s a great excuse or the purpose to buy some new shoes and eventually a new dress. I made my choice : high heels sandals, silver, with stones. Both posh and comfortable, this pair of sandal made me feel like a princess. A tall one.

At the first glance, it looks like a very simple story. At a deeper level, it’s a story about decisions in life – big and small. We carry in our sub-conscious mind emotions, values, experiences from the past, hidden ‘under the water”. One day, we become aware about our behaviours and start to explain our action. As a child, I wanted to be like my mum, imitate her, behave like her.

Irrespective that it’s a simple pair of sandals or something really important that we want to have in our life, we should materialize it one day and moved forward, relaxed and free. And by the way, except for the princess sandals, me and my mum have quite different taste in terms of shoes, nowadays…