The extra mile – part 1

One of my 2013 resolutions is connected to my physical body performance. In the last 20 years sport activities were present on my „to do” lists irrespective of my professional responsibilities, season or country where I lived or travelled.

In the very first day of 2013, I decided to move to the next level. With a strong power of intention, determination and enthusiasm I designed an action plan. No matter how strong your desire is, with no plan attached it gets … postponed.

In my particular case, motivation was high, intention as well, so …I moved on. By choosing a gym very close to the office, I made the plan more actionable and less „excuse-able”. I enjoy any type of group fitness classes from bosu, kick box to cardio strength. What I truly adore are the dance classes where kinesthetic intelligence interfere with focus, relaxation and grace making you realize that once you decide it’s easy… it truly becomes easy. Remember „Life is a joyful dance?”

Besides, I wanted to know what are my physical limits. Once I started to work with a personal trainer, I realized how resourceful I am. A different pace, very short breaks between series and… I started to appreciate the 30 seconds to refresh with a sip of water…

We as humans have an unlimited potential. Once we get a high level of motivation and the intention to make a strong change in our lives, we meet the right people and situations and things happen.

During my training sessions, I never say „I can’t do it” or „it’s hard” as these words are not part of my language, lately.

In a nutshell, it’s about releasing the limiting beliefs, feeling light and moving forward, step by step. It all starts with the extra mile.

Full pace, full on, full YOU !