Journeys in our life

Did you ever asked yourself what are you are going to do if a high amount of money will enter your accounts? Let’s assume you’ve got 100,000 euros, an amount that allows a certain relaxation for at least 1,000 days from now. I asked such a question to the people I interacted in the last 2 years. Almost everybody replied „I would travel”. Trying to find out more about their travel and looking at media recommendation, I would dare to talk about the following travellers categories:

1) Tourists who prefer all inclusive, ultra all inclusive, very all inclusive. Briefly, the way to maximize the investment through unlimited pleasure, food, taste, drinks and photos ready to be posted on Facebook

2) another trend – exotic holidays, in remote places the natural choice of TV stars or succesfull business people. The exotism comes fully packed with shopping sessions where the high class brands are in balance with lack of confident of the cards owners.

3) corporate people who plan their lives based on meetings, workshops, trainings, incentive trips – the best way to travel and see nothing at all. Many years, I’ve been one of them.

4) some others choose to travel in groups and see 20 countries in 10 days.

There might be some more categories to count…

As far as I am concerned, in the last 2 decades I traveled in all the possible ways – by planes, trains, ferry boats, coach, boats and even tuk-tuk. Long trips, shorts trips, individual, in groups, teams…I enjoyed them all, even as a „Tourist in my home city

The last 2 years changed my paradigm about travels. Two years ago, during my journey in Turkey, together with a high diversity group, I made a lot of jokes about Thong, the Chinese guy who carried all his luggages in a plastic bag. In fact, he was teaching me an important lesson: in life it’s comfortable to travel light…Remember the Kingdom of Joy ?

For me, here and now, to travel means at least 3 things:

– curiosity and discovery, like the Renaissance people („Discover the world, discover yourself„)

– a great learning experience about places, traditions, habits, history, plants and animals

– the chance to know myself through the people I’ve met

Today, journeys offer me the chance to return back home more abundant, rich in memories, experiences, stories and photos. Journeys offer me the natural chance to evolve and share, to learn directly from people that kind of life lessons that no school can teach you.

PS – the fabulous temple above is called „The White Temple” and is located in Chiang Rai, in the north part of Thailand. The story in a new episode. Just stay tuned 🙂