Walk in the shoes of a Life Coach #6

” I love spiritual stuff, but I don’t have time for it…”

I’ve got this insight on my Facebook page a few months ago and thought a lot about it. Partially, it’s another episode from the:             ” The Excuses” series that dominate our lives. In fact, if something is important for you, you’ll make time for it since the important stuff, it should be considered a priority and priorities come 1st.

In case of spirituality – this comes in different forms and formats from prayers at the churches, visits to the monasteries, yoga in the morning, meditations, healing music, reiki, initiatic journeys, conferences, workshops, books. You might embrace all or just some of them.. the main reason you include them in or daily life is as a support rather than another task on my „to do” list.

Our schedules are hectic, with little or no time for reflection and relaxation. Therefore, making time for ourselves is a gift meant to bring back balance, focus, clarity, better life perspective and joy. We all need them on daily basis, in the right dosages. In case all these things ring a bell to you, you don’t necessary need to flight in India to an ashram and find a guru like Liz Gilbert did in „Eat, pray, love”. For the moment it’s perfect to choose 1-2 things and to include them naturally in your daily life.

By exploring different practices, you will gradually find out what works for you better. The result is what really counts, not how you get there.

Before making any decision about the things above mentioned, take some time and listen Mirabai Ceiba music 

These sounds made my heart and soul say „Thank you, Life !”