Walk in the shoes of a Life Coach #5

„Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” – Japanese proverb

Every day I am hearing people complaining – I am too fat, too old, too sad, to poor… it’s too late to start something new, I know it will not work, it’s difficult…. No matter the topic – weight loss, healthy living, performance at the work place, relations, studies, we are masters of excuses and postponing.

In fact it’s the old story about how comfortable you feel in the comfort zone, where no matter how hard things are, at least you feel familiar with them. As I truly adore the idea of change, I love to share with you my personal reasons for being an agent of change:

1) Change is the only certain thing in life – life doesn’t come with usage manual and certificates of guarantee; thus, we have to prepare our inner strengths for all sorts of new situations in life. Once you decide to invest time and energy in your personal growth, your inner strength and personal power are the main rewards for your work. It’s pure pleasure, trust me !

2) Comfort zone is familiar, but it’s boring, full of routine and lack of satisfaction. Out of the comfort zone there are risks, but there are also adventure, magic and rewards. Just give it a try, there is a lot of pleasure once you make it.

3) The old paradigm „business as usual” or „live life as usual”  doesn’t function anymore. In times of global change we need to be equipped and coached for embracing change. Once you transform yourself and learn how to act in this new economy, life becomes quite pleasurable.

There are 2 strong pillars that support change : power of intention and vision. A strong intention doubled by action is usually called intentionality – that kind of motivation that fuels your actions with lots of enthusiasm, despite anything. Vision is the complete picture of the future, full of all important details (above you can see a small part of my big vision:)).

Since pleasure is the biggest reason to act, our Vision should involve a tremendous quantity of pleasure irrespective of the goals we set : healthy, slim and fit look, love life, professional success, adventure. If there is no pleasure, there is no action, no motivation, no nothing. Take some time, put all the important things on a board, make it look really, really sexy, attractive, hot and pleasurable… and then go for it.

I plead for pleasurable change as I am my own life designer . Therefore, no more excuses please. Time passes and it’s irreversible !