Tourist in my home city

In the last 17 years I had the chance to travel a lot, mainly in Europe. Countries like Spain and Hungary are my second home as I spent time in holidays and as a student and felt the daily rythm of cities like Valencia or Budapest.

Irrespective of the destination, whenever I packed my luggage and travelled into a new place I felt a tremendous joy. Curiosity, knowledge, new places, different people – all concurred to great life experiences that made me evolve in my becoming.

This Sunday, I looked for a very simple experience yet different, which I will call it „Getting into the tourist shoes”. Taking the yellow touristic bus is the kind of experience had in all European capitals. That’s the simplest way to get the touch and feel of a new city. I wanted to check how I feel as a tourist in Bucharest. What is similar and what is different? In that August day, I took the time and noticed the beauty of buildings, green parks, lively atmosphere of a sunny Sunday, people enjoying bicycle riding, young, old, kids, dogs…

From the top level of the touristic bus I noticed the beautiful arhitecture of the city and discovered a recently refurbished hotel built in 19th century „Grand Hotel de Bucarest”. I always adored old hotels, with history and perfume…

Stylish, beautiful and ready to re-born – that’s the way I would describe the city where I live for decades. I discover myself day by day and then see how much beauty is in my proximity.

The conclusion is a simple one – even things that you think you know for ages, could look different if you watch them through a different lense.  A different lense could give you a new perspective and you might see life in a brand new light. In coaching we call it „reframing”.

In my particular case, I watched Bucharest through my favourite pair of sunglassess: the ones with pink lenses, most appropriate these days !