Beliefs about money

„Money makes the world go round” – some words that you might remember if you’ve seen „Cabaret” with Liza Minelli.

Money is a topic of interest for everybody, no matter who we are, where we live, and what we do. We all have a relation with money, that reveals a lot about ourselves. For each of us, money represent something: the root of all evils, our worth in the society, something irrelevant for our happiness, something to enjoy and share with others, always there when I needed it or the ultimate happiness.

Money could represent a mean to make our dreams happen and our life flow or „the ultimate goal” on our list of priorities. To a certain extent, the way we think about money equals the way to manage our lives.

Most likely, our relation with money started in the childhood. It is highly probable that our parents were the persons we are modelling now. Spend some time with yourself and try to remember how was your parents relation with money. By reflecting, you might discover some similarities with you, in this very moment. Spenders, savers, generous or not… just think about it !

Observe the people who have money for several generation and the „nouveau riches”. Their behaviour, attitude and actions make the difference. The way they conduct their lives is self-explanatory. „To have” is the preferred verb, rather than „to be” or „to do”.

Remember the events in your life that shaped  your relation with money. Did money came in your life easily, in a permanent flow or not ? What have you done in period of lack? How about the periods of abundance ?

Coaching on limiting vs. empowering beliefs on money is one of my favorite topics. Besides, I love to say that future could be very different than the past. Irrespective of past experiences, the good news is that this is a kind of relation that „transforms with yourself”. Reflect upon yourself, in he present: who you are, what you love to do and what do you want to have.

  • What do you need to make money?
  • What stops you now to have them?

Usually, the lack of money is strongly associated with fear of not being capable to generate abundance. Once you decide to live in abundance and enter in a state of flow, the giving-receiving relation starts to change gradually.

Money is a tangible form of energy, that we love to have in our bank accounts. We can contribute significantly in this respect with the best state of mind, positive emotions and capacity to have. Once we reach abundance it is up to us whether money makes us be in flow, grow and evolve or just want more…