Live and feel the wellbeing !

For most of us, jumping out of bed, getting the sport pants and T-shirt and run to the park for a sport class doesn’t look like the first option on Saturday mornings. In my particular case, some more hours in bed with a great book, a cup of tea till 10-11 is much more tempting…whenever is possible. Some of us prefer some laziness and look for some excuses… As a life coach, I know it’s human to look for the pleasant, easy and comfortable things and to postpone the actions that take us out of the comfort zone.

Last Saturday, I realized that a well structured program makes the week-end a complete, fulfilling and rewarding one. Indeed, planning the week-ends might not sound natural for you but trust me, a well structured plan brought me lots of energy, relaxation and joy. In life, it worth planning in advance for the good, pleasant activities. As far as I am concerned, it seems that time management during week-ends function based on the same principles as in the rest of the week.

Currently, I am developing a project that combines work with leisure, in a superb way. It’s about healthy, active lifestyle, doing different types of sports and explore the secrets of nutrition. Both me and my friend decided to start the project with a very feminine, relaxing, full of grace class – called Port de Bras. Remember „Grace, balance and port de bras„?

The concept has been created by Julio Papi, and represents an unique mix of pilates, yoga and contemporary dance. Remember my passion for dance as I wrote some time ago in „Life is a joyful dance„?!

During Port de bras classes, I discovered that being feminine is important for every woman, no matter of her role in the society. Besides, I am aware about the movement of my arms and the in-depth meaning of the word „balance”. Being bare feet, I feel grounded and enjoy the great feeling of touching the grass. Finally, my connection with nature gets real 🙂

I admire Julio’s inner strength and self-confidence as well as the grace and femininity of Anya, the two instructors in that great summer morning. At the same time I realize that through movement I discover new parts of inner self. The rythm of the music takes me far away, in the fairy tales with Arabian princes and dancers, envisioning places where I want to be in the next years.

In essence, having such a class in a natural environment equals to an all senses experience, where imagination gets high, while mind and body get relaxed. Looking for a metaphor to illustrate the significance of a Port de Bras class, I would consider it the materialization of the state of flight, in a way full of dynamism and balance. We all look for balance in our lives in spite of speedy Gonzalez style of the people around us. What a fantastic gift to be able to enjoy every day in smaller or larger portions !

How does look like a life full of balance, wellness and exceptional physical condition? That’s my question for the next week.

PS – as a bonus for our early wake-up, me and my friend got a fabulous photo session with Julio and Anya Papi !