Fun Fabulous Friday

We all love the expression : FGIF – Thanks God it’s Friday…waiting for the week-end to start. I decided to make Fridays, and even Mondays really „lovable” days.

One Friday evening this summer I found a creative and funny way to celebrate a Friday full of inspiration and creativity. I visited the Band of Creators, opened by one of my friends, quite passionate about fashion! The objective was clearly set up some weeks before, when I discovered some inspirational accessories, which made me really curious. Their names : Fandacsia. One by one, the nice, yet funny and glamorous articles called Fandacsia were part of my story and good mood.

The ultimate „responsible” for my joyful evening was the designer COSMINA NICOLESCU – a film school graduate and now creates these astonishing fandacsias.

What’s a fandacsia? Cosmina explains it herself: „its a light hat that doesn’t clap but floats, doesn’t cover but embellishes, and doesn’t shade but gets you noticed”

 According to me: a „Fandacsia” is a piece of design, that accesorised your look, life and emotional state. In my particular case, it worked perfectly as the outcome was: lots of fun on on a rainy Friday night. Let’s get into details and analyze my top 3 favorites:

1. „White Serenity” – makes me feel relaxed, peaceful, zen and happy. It’s about me in a summer day.

2. „Small boat on water” – reminds me on my great passion for travels, by plane, train, car an … boats. In that Friday evening, I decided to take the boat and flow…

3. „The Ultimate sophistication” – the perfect combination with a little black dress (LBD), for a special event. I am still faithful to the LBD (remember 3 dresses for a lifetime). Thus, the black and white Fandacsia is the proper add-on.

In case the Queen of England invites me to a horse race at Ascott, I will be prepared… and of course for any local events 🙂

What’s your favorite one? Irrespective if you are a fully fledged fashionista or you just love beautiful things (like me), pay a visit to Band of Creators show room and get your own standpoint… I am pretty sure you will discover some „uncovered needs”.