The Kingdom of Joy

More than 700 days ago I started to feel the influence of a prophetic character, poet, philosopher and visionary. We ‘ve met online. Sounds natural nowadays to meet somebody online. Then we became friends on Facebook. Again, quite natural you might say.

Rumi has more than 300.000 friends in this very moment. It seems that many people started to understand how important is the heart energy, how great is to love, be passionate about what you do and share with others.

I was borned in December, in Sagittarius astrological sign. It is well known that we, the Sagittarius people have at least one common passion: travels. In my particular case, travels mean discovery, knowledge, adventure, history, people, art, time to reflect, and the most natural way to live the power of now.

In 2011, I decided to follow my path, with a well defined scope. The place where I planned to travel at the beginning of May was Turkey, this amazing land with history, architecture or natural beauty. The itinerary of this great journey selected by me months in advance included wonderful places such as: Capadochia, Efes, Pamukale, Hierapolis, Asclepios, Konya.

The main reason of this journey could be summarized in a 4-letter word: Rumi. His full name: Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, sufi poet, philosopher and visionary from 13th century, who spent his last years of life in Konya, in the south of Turkey.

Among my personal development projects undertaken in the last year, the online course called “A year with Rumi” was certainly one of a kind.

In fact, my journey in Rumi’s world started on May 3rd, 2010 and lasts for more than 700 days. From the very first day, I received poems, adapted in English by Andrew Harvey, that are real personal development lessons. Rumi’s poems reinforce the fact that many concepts and theories promoted by books launched in the last decades are based on old sources dating back hundreds of years.

 I remember how thrilled I felt in the 1st day when Rumi, through his poem called „The kingdom of joy”, sent me a simple and clear message “Whatever you seek, seek with joy and spend time with people like you”.

Surprisingly, exactly one year later, on May 3rd 2011 we arrived at Rumi’s house in Konya, an impressing place by simplicity and energy. The same passion for Rumi made Kathleen from Singapore change her husband holiday plans, as he initially proposed to his family a trip to Paris.

I travelled 10 days with special persons, with whom I shared some common passions, activities and traits. Let me briefly introduce them :

Bruce and Tara, engineers from San Francisco – pragmatics, positives, with the typically American attitude that I personally admire “ I am, so I can”. Pragmatism is our shared value.

Elize, Luise and Marius, the three professors from South Africa came to a literature conference in Istanbul and then join this group. They mirrored my passion for literature and my recent attraction for one of Orhan Pamuk’s books named “The museum of innocence”.

Thong, the law professor from China demonstrated us that the luggage for a week in Turkey could be squeezed in a plastic bag. He seems to make us aware how important is to travel light during our lifetime.

Kathleen, Chris and Shaun – the zen family from Singapore reflected my desire for balance and serenity.

Luiza and Ferrucio from Rome remembered my attraction for history of art and civilization.

By reading these lines about the group description you might imagine that a story a la Agatha Christie is about to follow. The authenticity and diversity of the group are the only elements that might make me think about the famous writer.

Apart from that, it worth mentioning the impeccable communication with an extremely diverse group, from education, nationalities, professions, age standpoints. Back home I tried to explain myself how I managed to resonate in such a perfect way with people whom I met for the first time in my life.

The relationship with each and every of them was strongly related to those shared passions and activities that each of them mirrored. They reflected parts of the brand new me: pragmatic, passionate about art and literature, dominated by inner balance and positive emotions.

I left home with the clear intention to live a unique experience and enjoy each and every moment. I was joyfully seeking a place that strongly attracted me. My intentions were fully rewarded by meeting these authentic, genuine and open minded people. Like me, they were searching for beauty of this world.

Whenever you go in a journey, it’s important to know that travelling means living and feeling ourselves every time and everywhere on this planet.

I wish you special journeys and great life experiences!