Dancing in the rain

Saturday morning, May 19th, 2012.  I put on my sport outfit and my Nike shoes and left home around 8.30. Spending two hours at the cycling marathon was on top of my list and the rain was not a barrier. In fact, when the intentionality is high, the entusiasm and actions come naturally.

The moment I arrived there, I realized it’s that kind of morning I can’t miss it, for nothing in the world. The music, the energy, the participation of each and every muscle, the Japanese tourists taking photos. In a nutshell, it’s the spirit of freedom.

Freedom is one of my strongest values, expressed in every area of life. It’s the value that made me change my life 180 degrees and start a new professional path, in accordance with my transformed personal identity.

Exactly a year ago, on May 18th, I became a freelancer with „official documents” and took a fresh start. Day after day, with the beginner’s mind, I looked for new options and ways to move on, with a different energy and pace.

The taste of freedom is sweet if you choose the right moment and are well prepared, accept things as they are and act massively. There are no guidelines and instructions about the path, the people, the sunny and the rainy days.

In fact, the whole story is about how much do you enjoy the journey, irrespective of time, weather, barriers. Once we learn to feel the great in the rain, life is a joyful dance !