Walk in the shoes of a Life Coach #3

Life is a serious thing for everybody… still I love playing . Today, it’s time to play again with our imagination and have another episode in the world of a life coach. Just imagine that the precious jewel box you see in the picture is yours. Instead of expensive jewels, you have to put inside 5 most important values for you and your life. To make the exercise easier, I will provide you with a list to choose from. From life coaching practice, I know it works better this way.

List of values:

Sense of humor, health, communication, partnership, productivity, supporting other, love, contribution, excellence, free spirit, focus, romantic love, recognition, harmony, achievement, organization, accuracy, adventure, tradition, growth, aesthetic, beauty, participation, performance, community, personal power, freedom to choose, knowledge, companion, spirituality, freedom to express, creativity, independence, joy, authenticity, risk taking, elegance, vitality, trust.

2 nd step: choose your top 5 values, write them down and start to figure out their significance.

3rd step: imagine how life changes once you start to ” walk the talk”…

While preparing to become a life coach, I made this exercise a while ago. Besides, I take some refresh from time to time. As I love sharing, now it’s my turn to share my top 5 values – the foundation of my current life. What stands behind my choice, let’s see:

1) Health – associated with vitality that fuels life within my cells, creativity and life force to move on.

2) Freedom to choose – that’s a hard one, as you have to be prepared to pay the price. To have the privilege to choose people and projects in your life, you have to work hard with yourself, to create, to be patient, to strive, to seed and then… to harvest

3) Love – „your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you built against it” – Rumi. No more comments.

4) Creativity – came as a reward for good deeds, positive intention and a clear vision about my own life. By becoming a better person, I feel I create better pieces of work. Hope you notice that:)

5) Spirituality – once I started to explore my relation with divinity, I entered a new flow of life. Gratitude, pray, meditation, yoga, heart journey… all these concurred to my new self. Practice and see what works for you.

By becoming aware about your own values, you start to reconsider bits and pieces of yourself and the metamorphosis starts. You feel like „work in progress” for a while”. Once day your life will look like a Renaissance cathedral…or maybe like a rose garden. Anyway, don’t postpone, open your treasure box, wear your values and shine.

You deserve to shine  and be yourself !