Walk in the shoes of a Life Coach #2

Choose one of the coffee mugs and just imagine we have coffee together. Let’s continue our journey with one of the most common life coaching question in the world:

„Am I happy or am I right?” 

While on my life coaching and soul searching journey, I start noticing every emotion, behavior, fear and joy and questioned myself every time something didn’t  look and feel right. ‘Cause no matter how politically correct things are, you have to feel really good about them and keep dancing on the floor. My life motto „life is a joyful dance” became more real once I realized that even if I am wrong in some situations…I just felt OK about it.

In this very moment, I sense things differently and use the „Am I happy or am I right?”  questions as  a reality check in all personal and business circumstances. As I mentioned in the previous episode, life is that kind of present you get without usage manual. Thus, we have to find our own path and make it in our own best possible way.

You might probably say that as adults we have responsibilities and have to stick to the rules, be correct, do whatever it takes to fulfill all the tasks on the „to do lists”.  We believe that doing the right thing is the right thing to do. We develop our own way to see things and believe that this is the only way. We start to see things in life rigidly and expect that everybody sees the same as we see. I know the feeling as I’ve been there before. Being rigidly right is the superb pre-requisite for conflicts, frustration, sadness…

On the other hand, in life we are all in search of happiness and pleasure in all kind of forms. Show me one person who doesn’t want to share love, enjoy good food, travel, look healthy… we all want to achieve these, sooner rather than, with later. This kind of shift takes some guided work with a life coach or a mentor. This kind of work is best possible investment in your life.

What it takes to shift from „Am I right?” to „Am I happy?”

The mind shift from a question to the other involves intention, vision, passion and desire to change. In fact, it’s the path from rigidity to relaxed, authentically YOU.

Once you step in the authentically YOU realm, a fool pallette of options open up in front of you:

1. „You are in control” becomes „You are”. You don’t need to control situations, people and create scenarios. You are flexible, ready to adapt, resourceful. Every cell is full of life and life is flowing in your veins.

2. You listen other people’s standpoint and accept it. Once you know who you are, feel relaxed deep inside you, listening other people comes naturally. Every dialogue becomes an energy exchange, a flow of thoughts and emotions rather than a strict negotiation in x steps. Life coaching means intuitive listening – words, emotions, energy – create the full life puzzle of the person in front of you.

3.  In case you put the label „effort” to a business situation or a partnership whatsoever… it’s a clear sign that you do your best to do the right things and the things right…but don’t feel happy about it. No effort = Happiness.

As „happiness”  is one of my favorite life theme… that’s a story to be continued…and clap along while listening Pharrell Williams’s song !

Bye for now, be happy, be YOURSELF, be YOUR#SELFIE!