The taste of Italy

Whenever I think about Italy first things that come to my mind are: art history, Renaissance, opera, great piazzas, fashion and the extraordinary sound of the Italian language.This time I will not approach any of these subjects and have some simple and mundane comments about food. Excellent, tasty, simple yet memorable food. I love 5-sense experiences and travels offers me this great pleasure.

In Italy, if you are lucky, among other great things you might discover some incredible food. So did Liz Gilbert in „Eat, pray, love”. It didn’t happen to me in the first place, but finally I was lucky.

While in Bologna, a couple of weeks ago I visited a „magic” place named Tamburini.

The store is part delicatessen, part buffet lunch spot and part enoteca. The cases are filled with all sorts of prepared pasta such as lasagna, tortellini and tortelloni. There was an array of cure meats and mortadella, which was very good.

On the side, one can see a glass walled oven where chickens are rotating on spits while they roast. The smell is just divine. Anti-pasti were amazingly fresh and tasty and the marinated pork meat made me remember the place with a big smile on my face.

The place is crowded, animated and alive. It’s a clear confirmation that food connects people and creates great sensations and memories, especially when you love the slow food concept „made in Italy”.

After having lunch at Tamburini, „save some space” for the desert. It worth every single minute you will spend at the gym later on. So did I. „Guilty pleasures” need some balance 🙂

Ciocogelateria Venchi is located next door and the variety of flavours makes your decision pretty tough. My fav choice: chocolate with peppermint, a quite unique and strong treat in a sunny afternoon.

That’s it for now, good food, good memories from bella Italia !