As a child, I did not attend ballet classes. At her turn, my mom did not attend ballet classes either. Honestly, I don’t believe that the mankind lost something. And, anyway, it’s too late to change it. This is it!

Fortunately, at some point in time, I realized I enjoy sports and movement in different forms and formats.

Thus, in the last 20 years I passed through various classes – aerobic, cardio strengths, kick box, cycling, running, kickbox.  Like many women around the world, I have my own „fights with the kilos”, calories in and calories out.  One day, I decided to see things from a different perspective: „What if I relax a bit and try new things?” I started to practice pilates, yoga, port de bras, including 1-2 such classes in my weekly work-out.

In terms of lost calories and energy, things are different.  There are new and different benefits to consider: wellness, deep-breath, feminine energy, balance – things that I started to consider recently and make a difference in my life.

The way we move is strongly connected with our way of being. Through movement, I search relaxation, health and new ways to know myself even better. These days, the pilates and yoga classes teach me „the lesson of flexibility in all life aspects”. 3 times per week, I feel like a kind of little Murakami running on the treadmill or in the park, practicing visualization and streching the limits.

I left the comfort zone long time ago, I feel great each and every moment, as MOTION creates E-MOTION !