Dress for your beauty

Some time ago I was sharing my view on the iconic dresses, while reviewing a book named „Fifty dresses that changed the world”.The post named 3 dresses for a lifetime reveals my preferences on style, on timeless elegance and simple design. I love simple, sophisticated pieces that communicate a powerful message to the world, so the chances to wear one of my little black dresses is high:)

Speaking about dresses, beauty or the combination of the two resulting beautiful dresses, a fashion&design reportage seen at CNN took my breath away. A fashion designer from Asia, whose name I can’t remember, created a dress with butterflies. Awesome – was my reaction in the first place. In the next moment, it’s the symbol of butterfly, part of my life in the last couple of years.

Some powerful questions and old reflection came back to my mind. I dare to ask you how often do you take your time and admire the beauty of a butterfly? That’s the kind of beauty that require a complex process, involving a complete metamorphosis from egg, caterpillar, crisalide until we see the breathtaking, colorful butterfly.

As a coach, I paid a lot of attention to the meanings and significance of the word „flight”. Concepts, learnings, practice, techniques, journals, exercises online and offline – all these made me pass through profound inner changes, reflected in my outer world. Similar transformations in the lives of my clients bring me joy and fulfilment in my larger scope of leaving a beautiful mark in this world.

The conclusion is a simple one, once you find the beauty inside, people notice it immediately.

So, if you feel like a butterfly inside, let’s look for some fabrics with butterflies to recognize each other in case we will meet!

Be beautiful, spread your wings and fly!