Detox. Diets. Delights-episode 1

These days, I decided to write about my life in 3D… and especially how things changed once I decided to seriously focus on these 3D aspects of life – DETOX, DIETS and DELIGHTS. I look and feel more like many of you…not competing with any local diva in search of perfection. Like you, I have my „why me?” moments (luckily less now than in the past), followed by „what’s my new lesson, today?”  Life coaching seems to work for the life coaches, 1st of all, and I love to walk the talk:)

As I enjoy reading about life, personal growing, diets that makes you slim, and enjoying food in the most delicious and dangerous way… I feel like a kinda expert – let’s say, a 3D expert. Writing these serie of posts makes me feel relaxed… despite the fact that people use tons of energy speaking about this subject, hot topic for media, friends, colleagues, relatives and so on… Besides, I finally got the idea with the relaxation and enjoy the benefits these days. Time worked in my favour, I would say.

Let’s see what 3D stands for…No, no, no it’s not a 3D movie… it’s something  so damn simple that will be amazed. In general simplicity is the most complicated stuff in life. So, let’s return to the topic and understand my purpose and inspiration:

1. Detox – these days women love to have a detox week once or twice a year. I have no special info related to such an experience, yet. My purpose is to write about green smoothies and great juices that detox your body, and especially about the mind&soul detox. You are fasting or eat healthy … how about your mind and spirit, are they at the detox too?… let’s find out together what steps to follow.

2. Diets – once you are on the net or Facebook, the posts with TV and movie stars on diet, in search of absolute perfection are overwhelming you… instead of motivating you, they rather make you feel less important in your life than you deserve. One of the conclusions of my research on „what’s in the minds of an extra-kilos persons” is a simple one: before starting a diet or a lifestyle program, breathe deeply, and be aware that you gonna start an important long-term project. Look in the mirror and answer to the question”what’s my place in my own life?”

3. Delights – The good news is that there are lots of delicious things in life, apart from food. The ingredients that make your life fabulous are : movies, books, going out with friends, roibos tea, vegan chocolate cake, time in the hair salon, a walk in the park and many others, to be further discover in the next episodes.

All these studying and reading made me realize that things are connected and these Ds come together. Once you give up on negative aspects such as old stuff in your house, drawers, bags or loose the extra kilos – good things start to happen out of the blue. You surprise yourself smiling in front of the mirror and start looking for delicious things that make your life fulfilled. You stop looking in the fridge and become a nice butterfly flying in town to discover the world.

I am in a funny mood today, as you probably notice … but my message is serious and simple: I gathered tons of new and interesting info for you guys and hope I gonna have time to write it down daily…and soon, some guest posts will make the story more interesting as more angles are always good to make the story complete.

So guys, let’s start living on 3D ! Hasta manana !