Being wide awake

I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul – Rumi

Recently I had the chance to celebrate 25 years since the high-school graduation. Meeting some of the former colleagues and professors from my generation offered my the chance to bring back memories and reflect upon times, peoples, myself.

I grew up in times when exact sciences like math and physics „ruled”. Not to mentioned chemistry. In that high school chemistry ruled! Thus, choosing a technical university seemed the only natural way. The RIGHT way for that period. Business education was a more conscious step taken after a decade.

Year after year, I sensed there should be something else. Something more, beyond books, classes and exams. I got closer to that „something” after more books and wonderful experiences that contributed to my growth. Once I started to reveal my soul two fantastic things happen: the right side of the brain and my kinesthetic inteligence got activated. I look for new forms of expression and look for different stories to tell and share.

Feeling more peaceful and serene, I finally understood the lessons of my soul and got a fresh life perspective. At the end of the day, leaving a trace behind is what really matters. It all starts with asking questions  like : „Who am I? ” What is my purpose?”,”What makes me wake up in the morning and jump up of the bed”, „Am I happy or am I right?” „How can I contribute?”

Since hapiness is the state I am aiming to develop now and in the future, I had a long conversation with my soul and prepared my „to do” list for some meaningful next years.

By the way, how do you feel in this very moment?