3 x dress to impress

Like most women on the planet I love shopping, buying clothes, shoes and perfumes… apart from books, CDs, DVDs and all kind of high tech gadgets. Okay… I am spiritual too, but spiritual doesn’t mean becoming a Budhist monk, right?

I appreciate beauty in every form and love the great feeling of appreciation when people tell me that I look good. Besides, as a coach, I love to work on self-confidence aspects, that I consider the key for a successful life. Irrespective of your current level of self-confidence, when somebody appreciates your style and positive energy , trust me… you feel really good.

These days, I reviewed a booked bought a couple of years ago called „Fifty dresses that changed the world„. Well, the title sounds impressive… not only men and women could change the world but also dresses 🙂

I played a bit with my imagination and asked myself  a simple question:

„What are the 3 dresses that I want to have in my wardrobe, able to change my world?”

1. MONDRIAN DRESS – created in 1965 by Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008)

This dress is another interpretation of the modern world, but this time using aesthetic of fine-art theory, so that the work of a couturier equates the work of an iconic Modernist artist – the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The result is a start statement of order and simplicity. Fashion could be art too.

My motivation : I love simplicity, order, colors, art and timeless things. Modrian dress expresses my desire for artistic simplicity.


2.TRAVILLA DRESS – created in 1955 by Travilla

Remember Marilyn Monroe’s SEVEN YEAR ITCH dress? That white, sexy, simple dress, flying up as she stands over a subway vent. I bet you remember…

It was created by William Travilla, known professionally as Travilla (1920-1990) – a real catalyst in the creation of this unique icon. In this particular case MM’s personality overshadowed the name of the designer, but who cares? For millions of people, this dress remains one of the most fabulous dresses ever.


My motivation: simple, sexy and powerful. Every woman has moment when she wants to feel sexy and powerful, don’t you think?


3. LITTLE BLACK DRESS (LBD) – created in 1961 by Hubert de Givenchy

The „little black dress” became a genre in its own right, a chic and versatile garment that every women in the world, adopted in different shapes and forms. The aristocratic French designed Hubert de Givenchy created the most remarkable LBD manifestation: Audrey Hepburn in  „Breakfast at Tiffany” (1961)

My motivation: black, simple and elegant. Perfect in 99% of cases, trust me… as I have 4 LBDs in my wardrobe these days !

No matter that we speak about books, fashion, arts or other domains… master pieces are meant to last. These dresses passed the exam of time, being older than me 🙂 and still chic, stylish and elegant. That’s the reason I decided to name them: my 3 favourite dresses !