My life’s motto “life is a joyful dance” reflects perfectly my true self. It has been written in stars and confirmed by an astrologist in a book on significance of birth dates. Let me introduce myself: a woman who enjoys life, lives in the now, dreaming, acting and moving forward. Nevertheless, not anymore on fast forward.I had enough time to discover myself, learn, grow and transform. First, I learned how important is TO BE, to explore my feelings, emotions, grief, pain, compassion, connection and love. The next step was to explore the profound meaning of the word INSPIRATION, this magic ingredient for an authentic way of expression in all areas of life.

In a Sunday afternoon of May 2012, I played a bit with my imagination. How does inspiration looks, smells, tastes, sounds? From my perspective, it looks like the a sunny summer day in old Nice, sounds like Rossini’s music, has the taste of bitter chocolate with cranberries, and smells like fresh grass perfume.

Whenever you need an energy boost, a few moments to relax, you look for inspiration or are just curious about my new plans and ideas, you are welcomed into my world, a space of joy and personal growth. My aim is to share with you my energy, enthusiasm, experiences, love, self-esteem and other positive emotions, that make you feel good.

I wish you INSPIRATION, PASSION and JOY every day!


Oana-Miruna Stinga