Walk in the shoes of a Life Coach #1

„Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world”Marylin Monroe

Yesterday, while in a bookstore I bumped upon this quote written on a mug. What an inspiring detail in a sunny Sunday afternoon… and a starting point for creating a new post series, as of today. The simple thought that came to my mind is that both women and men love shoes, love the attractive, sexy, elegant, classy look. During a lifetime, we step into different kind of shoes… and want to make sure that every steps we take are the right ones for us.

Life is a precious gift we receive once… it’s up to us how we preserve the gift and get abundant, happy and healthy. As life doesn’t came with an „usage manual”, it’s up to us how we learn to live, love, grow inside, become energetic, healthy, creative, adventurous.

I am 45 y.o. and love to share my age in any situations and circumstances. The reason is twofold:

1) I still look nice… I know, I don’t look 45. Thanks

2) I look more credible in front of the audience, caring with me some life decades

How life looks like for a 45 y.o.? Every day gets better than before, as I explored my mistakes, experiences, success, people and especially asked myself powerful life coaching questions. Once we start questioning your life, life gets a different perspective and the magic starts. The path from intention to vision is a bridge of commitment, patience, honesty, acceptance, and rewards. Every step you take is rewarding sooner rather than later. Once you take full responsibility, there is nobody else to blame for the results.

So, let’s start together out journey in the shoes of a Life Coach.

Have a fantastic week in fabulous shoes ! And smile, you are beautiful, indeed !