There is a time to seed and a time to reap. There is a time to grow, a time to reflect and a time to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing yourself is a comprehensive process at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels that requires time, patience and a huge willingness to become YOUR BEST VERSION.

The outcome of my 2013 challenges is a simple one – while I evolved and became a better ME, I created a different reality with different strategies and projects. The personal development and growth is an ongoing process, and the more steps you take the more you want to move on. Day by day you feel better, act differently and have a brand new life.

At the beginning of 2014, the verb that characterizes my current state of mind is “to reinvent”. My current projects and areas for development for businesses and individuals reflect perfectly my inner thoughts and mindset, as they speak about reinventing people and reinventing businesses. Let’s see how the verb “to reinvent” is applicable in business and personal life:

  • Build a long-lasting business: a complex Consulting, Executive Coaching and Mentoring project meant to create a tremendous turnaround in business via people growth and development.
  • High ROI Marketing Projects and Training: emphasize the results driven attitude in marketing departments and explore new inspirational and creativity paths aiming for great results.
  • Live within your happy body: talks about my passion for nutrition and coaching that finally takes a real shape. The program to be launched in April, is specially designed for individuals aiming to live a happy life in a happy, healthy body. Stay tuned…

While reading these lines, hopefully some of your cells renewed and reinvented already, your minds got curious and the positive emotions manifested already. I hope you agree with me that 2014 is the right time to become better than before. Do you feel ready to reinvent yourselves?

Besides, my blog totally reinvented and refreshed is full of inspiring posts on personal growth, nutrition and life journeys.  Visit and enjoy OANA STINGA – BLOG

Be happy, healthy and enthusiastic. It’s your time to REINVENT YOURSELF.