Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney. What do these people have in common and how they managed to develop impressive businesses? Apart from the natural questions such as “WHAT?” and “HOW?”, just from the very beginning they asked themselves WHY? The WHYs are the main reasons that make them wake up in the morning energized, full of enthusiasm and willingness to conquer the world. Everything starts with a clear and well defined WHY. What do you think about using your imagination in the next moments? How does the world look like if we all learn to think, act and communicate like these inspiring people?

Statistics show that over 80 per cent of the Americans don’t have their dream job. Most likely, things look similar in Romania as well.

How would the world look like if over 80 per cent of us would love the job we have chosen, wake up in the morning energized, more productive, creative and positive in our relations with the colleagues and clients? Certainly, we would experience a different state of mind, get back our inner balance and be happier in personal lives as well. It is up to us to make it possible.

Inspired people build strong companies. Strong companies represent the first step towards strong economies. How would you feel in a country with a strong economy?


The real need for inspiration, balance and performance is the ground for such a project, that consists of:

• 1-2-1 Leadership coaching sessions

• Group Learning Experience (2 days).

The objective is to INSPIRE, TRANSFORM and make you ACT with a different attitude and energy, in order to PERFORM at your full potential.





The stories of great visionaries inspire us and make us want to reach the success as they did. Same thing happens whenever we hear the stories of real life people, with a dream and a strong belief to make it happen. They knew their WHYs.

Do you have a WHY every morning when you wake up? Can you define the WHY for the company you work for or the business you plan to create one day?


Everything starts with you, as you are now and especially how you might become once you trust yourself, understand that your dream is feasible if you truly believe in yourself.

You have now the opportunity to consider your values, dreams and objectives. You will learn that well chosen words contribute to your transformation, you will communicate differently with those around you and the life situations will become positive learning experiences. The way you ARE, makes you see the world in a way or another. Everything starts with YOU.

 3,2,1 ACT

As an “inspired pragmatic”, I suggest it is time to take some action. We set up jointly the current status and the business objective.

• Brainstorming for the long term strategy

• New brand launch

• Brainstorming – relation with the clients

• Sales meeting

• Management retreat – group coaching

It is important to know the purpose, the WHY which makes us be different and act differently NOW

 Method – 3 steps:

• 1-2-1 leadership coaching sessions to get familiar with your needs and development areas (e.g. strategic planning, budgeting, change management, communication, team work, risk taking, results, relation with the clients)

• Learning Experience : 75% interactive, meaning reflection, discussions in pairs and teams, presentations, brainstorming; the rest of 25% of the time you will hear the voice of the marketer passionate about coaching, we will stimulate your imagination and raise the energy level

• Follow up : coaching sessions, 1 month after the completion of the Learning experience to track the before and after

♦ Program is targeting middle and top management

♦ Available for sessions: corporate and open

♦ Based on needs analysis, additional leadership coaching session might be recommended