„Every person in a lifetime could have two attitudes: to build or to plant. The constructors can spend years designing projects, still one day, they will finalize their work. Life becomes a non-sense once the building is ready. In case of the people who plant, things are different: sometimes they suffer because of the storms, of seasons and the lack of rest. Compared to a building, a garden grows permanently and the ongoing need for the gardener’s care makes his life a great adventure. Gardeners are recognizing among themselves, because they are aware that in the story of each plant lies the growth of the whole planet Terra.

Paulo Coehlo – „Brida


Residential week-end Noble Manhattan, Eysham Hall, Sep 2010


Being a coach is another way of transforming myself into a gardener of this world. Listening the person in front of you, seeding self-confidence and positively influencing is comforting. Coaching conversation is an opportunity for you to look deep inside yourself, analyze carefully all life areas, regain your balance and life purpose.

In the corporate world of 21st century, leaders who use management coaching style generate excellent business results via people, by sharing knowledge and seeding trust.

Coaching, or more specifically the relation Coach-Client is in fact an unique type of conversation. It refers mainly to discovery, self-awareness and choices. It is a way through which the Clients feels empowered to find his own answers, is encouraged and supported in his search for the right answers. Solving the problems, reaching the objectives and results represent the natural consequence of an efficient relation client – coach.

Coaching is a conversation type dominated by respect, openness, compassion, empathy, commitment for telling the truth. It is based on the Client’s willingness to reach his full potential and evolve. The coaching conversation supports you seeing the options for each and every situation and you as a client are the decision maker as to your next steps.

Coaching is a unique type of relation in the humankind, under development in the last decade. In fact, it reflects a change at the universal consciousness level: awareness about the fact that we do choices based on our core values. The coach is the one who listens the message conveyed by the clients through words, tone of voice, emotions and energy. The Coach cares about your wishes, tells you the truth, is close to you every time you make choices and follows your steps toward you’re the fulfillment of your dreams and goals.



We don’t attract what we want but what we actually are. In 2011, by being 100% authentic, I attracted in my life wonderful people with fascinating stories. I will share them with you pretty soon. Just be prepared!

In my journeys, I have met special persons, who reflected pieces and traits of me, whom I felt close to me despite the geographical distances. Seeing the beauty of this world, and living 5-sense experiences validate my total openness towards new horizons and experiences.

The joy of writing about people, travel and experiences is limitless. One day, I wish I had the power to inspire you with my way of being, thinking, my enthusiasm and energy.

When you will decide you want to transform your actual life, we can start our conversation. Then, the sky is the limit!

Life Coaching means for me human development and transformation via:

• 1-2-1 coaching sessions

• Workshops and retreats

• Public speaking, event presentations

• Inspirational stories