Creativity means the courage to be yourself, to manifest freedom, talent and love in an unique blend. Visual arts, writing, painting, music represent the right-brain manifesting time.

How about creativity in marketing? That’s a right brain – left brain game that involves serious performance indicators (KPIs) such as: brand awareness, market share, profitability, return on investment (ROI). 

I love strategy, implementation, feel inspired to create and re-create brand new brands☺



In 2008 we started to conversation related to crisis and out-of-the-box business approach. Having in mind the Chinese sign for “crisis” – “danger” and “opportunity” are the two directions we face on daily basis. In such an environment, power brands have an unique chance: to become even stronger, more innovative, dynamic, attractive and relevant. Power brands are strongly adapted to our times – modern, trendy and close to the mind and heart of the consumer.

360 marketing for power brands means turnaround effectiveness :

  • Invest efficiently in traditional media: find new ways to get out of the clutter via product placements in series, movies and high rating TV programs.
  • Be socially connected with the consumers through computer, tablets and smart phones. SHARE your standpoint on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Be alive on You Tube, Instagram, Flicker and Pinterest. Do you have a Google + profile?
  • Create a memorable brand experience, that combine education with entertainment, joy with responsibility, support sports, arts, culture, environment and human talents.


People love brands that inspire, connect them and foster a strong relation. Nike, Zara, Dove, Apple, Danone are already part of my life, acting like a “glue” between my passions and current lifestyle. Self-confidence, inner beauty, trust and creativity represent the reasons behind my decisions in the last decade of life. While I feel part of the self-confidence stories told by Dove, Nike keeps telling me that “everybody can be an athlete”; Danone is “responsible” for my active lifestyle and balanced nutrition and Apple teaches me the lesson of creativity and innovative spirit.

Power brands contribute to people growth and community development via meaningful social responsibility projects. We co-exist and co-create these days via consumer education on prevention via healthy lifestyle, while granting support to education, culture, environment and sports.

Power brands mean development, evolution, relevance and credibility via projects that influence the world in a positive way. That’s a great, splendid and meaningful way of integrating power brands into our daily lives!


In high-tech communication era, people are brands and personal branding is a „must have”, irrespective who you are. From artists, politicians, business persons to pop stars, life coaches, writers – we all need a high profile, highly attractive, authentic, original, fresh.

Brand new, brand the best of you.

As a marketer and life coach, I am prepared to reveal THE BEST YOU – not the one you are now, the one you dream and aim to become.


curs marketing1


Marketing trainingan unique learning experience, that includes a mix of concepts, examples, case studies, TVCs, experience sharing and lots of practice, practice, practice.



  • New challenges in Brand management
  • 8 steps towards excellence in branding
  • Superior and competitive positioning: POP-points of parity and POD-points of difference, brand mantras, mental maps
  • Perform = Resonate. Brand resonance pyramid
  • Integrated marketing activities – traditional and non-traditional
  • Marketing Holistic

Examples and case studies from FMCG, services and pharma industries. Local and global brands.



pharma-1Marketing consulting for pharma brands – OTC, food supplements, nutrition brands.

  • 10 + years in pharmaceutical industry meant for me:
  • Deep understanding of the Romanian consumer/patient via qualitative studies (focus groups), Usage and attitude studies, Brands Tracking, brainstormings, insights generation, positioning and repositioning.
  • Hands on experience with brands like Voltaren, Lamisil, Vibrocil, Venuroton, Dulcolax, Mucosolvan, Buscopan, Trachisept, Entran, Algozone, Extrem Vit, Milupa, Aptamil, XL-S Medical, Herbalife
  • Treating health as a high priority personal value, the resultant between healthy lifestyle and daily nutrition

In case you have in mind one of the following:

  • Your brand – no.1/no. 2 in the category (ATC, market)?
  • Intend to launch a new brand and need a strong “go/no-go” validation
  • YOU as a power brand – Develop the personal branding strategy
  • Create an educational campaign with key opinion leaders, influencers, consumers/patients?
  • Develop a project meant to change attitudes and communicates strong brand benefits?
  • Develop an educational project with focus on the role of healthy lifestyle in preventing different diseases?
  • Organize a media or creative pitch, and need a consultant able to validate the correctness of the process?


Send me a message, a brief and let’s get in contact. Now, it’s the perfect time to reinvent your brand